Fluorescer BA

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Fluorescer BA

[Main composition] Triazine-type pairs of styreneFormula: C40H42N12O10S2Na2Molecular weight:960.94(According to the 2005 international relative atomic mass)
Maximum UV absorption wavelength: 348 nm
Executive Standard: HG/T3990-2007

 1) AppearanceAmber transparent liquid
2) Strength to the standard40
3) Color and lightapproach to~tiny
 4) water content, %≤ 60
5) Water-insoluble Impurities, %≤ 0.5
6) Fineness (Through 180um aperture sieve residue), %≤ 10

     [Performance and Characteristics]Shade micro-Blue; its affinity of cotton and other fabrics is higher than the BBU. It can increase and improve fiber whiteness. It can also whiten and brighten the textile \ paint color paste. It has resistance to alkali and perborate salt, hydrogen peroxide properties. This product is easily dissolved and has good resistance to acid and alkali. Whitening effect is obviously better than BBU at pH4.5-7. It is anionic and can co-bathe with anionic or non-ionic surface active agent. [Sphere of application]Suitable for whitening cotton, hemp, silk, nylon and blended fabric. It is stable in alkaline and electrolyte. It can bleach with the peroxide at high temperature. It has good light fastness \ washing fastness \ excellent resistance to acid and alkali. It has more superior resistance to free chlorine in water than other varieties of bleaching agents. [Usage]     It can be added directly into the dye vat for whitening cotton, hemp, fiber after salvation with water.( It  will enhance the dying rate if anhydrous sodium fulfate or sodium sulphate is used). Dosage: 0.08-0.3%. Liquor ratio: 1:20-40. Dying temperature: 60-100℃. Cloth WhiteningDosage: 0.05 ~ 0.3%(o.w.f)Liquor ratio: 1:10 ~ 30Dying temperature: 90 ~ 100℃Holding time: 20-30 minutes Bathe in oxygenDosage: 0.05 ~ 0.3%(o.w.f)H2O2:10 g/L NaOH:1 g/LNa2SiO3:2.5 g/L净洗剂:1 g/LLiquor ratio: 1:10 ~ 30Dying temperature: 90 ~ 100℃Holding time: 20 ~ 30 minutes [Package, transportation and storage]25 kg and 220 kg cardboard drum or paper-plastic bags. It can also be packaged according to customer's requirements.
   This product is non-hazardous materials, it has chemical stability, and can be used in any mode of transport.

  Chen Ming Chemical Co., Ltd. Zhaoyuan City

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